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Fitness, Wellness, and Training Programs using the Peaceful Motivation Approach
Peaceful Motivation

We organize fitness and wellness activities and information into personal motivational apps and group training program resources that engage participants to adopt and maintain a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

We are unique in our ability to provide a complete and configurable solution for fitness and wellness programs and participant resources; with the ability to adapt to organizational requirements and needs; and, to adjust the apps to meet the needs and expectations of program and individual participants within the organizational context.

Our approach meets the needs, for example, of general fitness and training programs, sports specific training programs, non-clinical and workforce wellness programs, nutritional and weight management programs, stress management programs, and virtual seminar and classroom educational learning.

We believe the only way to achieve participant and program success, regardless of the context, is a "whole person" approach that is flexible, comprehensive, unified, and balanced. We address, as a "whole person": fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook with actions, education, and suggestions in each area scaled to support the purpose of a specific program.

Our Journey Apps are motivational tools with the primary participant outcome goal to build fitness and wellness habits and skills in order to improve and sustain overall health, fitness, and performance; and, with the goal of doing so with a more realistic, flexible, and balanced approach that adapts to the busy and changing aspects of daily life.


Our fitness and wellness platform provides:
  • Motivational and engaging Apps designed to get and keep participants moving in a more fit and healthy direction.
  • Educational resources that explain why personal fitness and wellness is important and what personal benefits are gained from fitness and wellness actions and habit formation.
  • Balanced, motivational, and engaging programs with a more realistic and flexible approach that adapts to the busy and changing aspects of daily life.
  • A tailorable architecture with the ability to adapt existing programs, create new programs, and integrate situation specific programs and content, resulting in tailored programs and apps.
  • Group management, coaching, and community resources.
  • Incentives and rewards to boost participation and improve retention.
  • Surveys and testing.
  • An integrated consumer friendly, feature rich, and robust sales and registration platform that can also stand-alone as it own product for event and merchandise sales and registrations.
Peaceful Motivation's Privacy Differentiation

Peaceful Motivation has two sets of customers. Our business customers that manage events, such as a race, and those business customers that manage wellness, fitness, and nutrition programs. The second customer set are individual fitness enthusiasts that use the personal fitness resources through one of the Peaceful Motivation Journeys.

For our business customer's, one major differentiator is that Peaceful Motivation views your customers as exclusively your customers. We take you and your customer's privacy very seriously. Peaceful Motivation does not data mine. We do not sell or give user information or your content to anyone for any reason (except during the sales transaction). We do not display third party ads. And, outside of the transaction related information such as a sales receipt, we do not send any sales or advertising information to your customers. However, Peaceful Motivation does have facilities that enable you to email additional information to your customers, such as race information, training program schedules, and notifications of your other product offerings.

Similarly for our individual consumer customers, we take your privacy very seriously. Peaceful Motivation does not data mine. We do not sell or give user information or content to anyone for any reason (except during the sales transaction). We do not display third party ads.

We do collect some user meta data exclusively for internal use to enhance the product and product experience and to understand what features our customers use. Meta data is about the content not the content itself. An example of meta data usage is answering questions like "how many users use a given feature? And, what aspects of a feature are used and not used?"

We do look at sales accounting information for the purposes of billing our customers for their use of Peaceful Motivation.
Our Quality Statement
We believe that quality is when our products and services meet the reasonable needs and expectations of our customer.

Continuous Improvement
Software products are never perfect and are continuously improved. We will strive to the best of our ability to produce the highest level of product quality possible.

Focus on Our Customer
We partner with our customers, to the extent possible, to develop products and services that our customers need and want. Peaceful Motivation's primary focus for our business customers is supporting those providing running and triathlon races and/or fitness and training programs. Our integrated race and training program management facilities are powerful resources to better support participant's goals for competitive activities and overall fitness. Beyond helping you sell events and other products, our goal is to provide value added resources that enhance the participatory experience in races, fitness, and training.

High Level of Company Integrity
Peaceful Motivation will act at all times with the highest level of business integrity. We will work with customers in an open, communicative, and collaborative fashion. We will strive to provide a fair and open business relationship.
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Peaceful Motivation® is wholly owned and operated by Ron and Kathy Franke and is based in Santa Cruz, California. All intellectual property was designed and built by Peaceful Motivation® in California. All staff and supporting teams are based in California.