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Insight Question and Answer Platform Introduction

Insight QNA is our Question and Answer (QNA) platform for creating, distributing, presenting, and assessing the results for surveys, tests, self-assessments, and participation commitments in programs.

Insight QNA gives you insight into customer, participant, and staff. It asks their opinions through surveys, gages their knowledge of topics with tests, determines their commitment to programs, and gives individual participants insight into their wellness and fitness through self-assessments.

Surveys, tests, self-assessments, and participation commitments are called Presentations and are presented to a participant to complete. The purpose of the presentation defines how a presentation is organized, the types of questions used, how questions are worded, and the expected outcome use of the results.

Our Insight QNA Platform is comprised of a QNA Creator, a QNA Player, and a QNA Manager. The QNA Platform is both a stand-alone product and is integrated into our other products.

The QNA Creator enables you to build a comprehensive library of questions and their categories that can be used, as needed in various Presentations. The QNA Creator creates the individual Presentation, for example a survey, and defines the characteristics of the Presentation.

The QNA Player displays the Presentation in a browser on any browser-based device. While stepping through the Presentation, the QNA Player records the participant's answers via the internet through the QNA Manager. If the participant is allowed to view the results, the Player displays the results at the end of the presentation. For a Test, and depending on how it's defined, the presented results could include the test results, correct answers, and test score. For a self-assessment, and depending on how it's defined, the presented results could include the assessment rating, suggestions, and potentially a comparison with prior self-assessments.

The QNA Manager defines who has access to the QNA Platform and their individual privileges. For a given presentation, it defines who participates, how the Presentation is distributed, and the privileges to access and view the Presentation results, including individual and group results. The QNA Manager provides business reporting based on one or more presentations for participant groups, programs, and individual participants. Reported data and information is based on predefined access and viewing privileges, and prior agreement by individual participants on what, if any, of their answers can be viewed by other's, such as a coach or program coordinator.

Presentations and their questions are designed to provide a high level of flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations with their differing missions, and, to address the unique characteristics of their target participants.

Questions are phrased to meet their intended use, such as phrasing to ask an opinion or to assess knowledge on a topic. Question answer formats include: Likert Scale, Multiple Choice, Number Scale, Short Answer, and Essay.

Questions can be defined with numerous characteristics including the following examples. Questions that are used in a Test have a correct answer associated with them and an assigned number of points for a correct answer. A question can have an image or graphic associated with it and then presented along with the question. Questions that are used in self-assessments can have suggestions associated with predefined answers. A Likert Scale Yes/No question can have sub questions associated with a yes and a no answer, and/or a statement that's presented based on the participant's answer.

The Insight QNA Platform is integrated into our Peaceful Motivation platform. Presentations can be displayed as part of a Journey on the Peaceful Motivation companion app. In some cases results can be used to tailor the companion app content to the needs of an individual participant. The Insight QNA Platform is also integrated into our sales and registration platform, primarily for the survey capability, to assess consumer and participant opinions on a product or event.

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