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Peaceful Motivation's On-line Registration Solutions

The most consumer friendly and quicker registration solution with more registration features and options.

Peaceful Motivation's on-line registration is an easy to use resource to register your participants in your events, including: races, simple and recurring events, training programs, and activity programs.

You have the flexibility to simply register a participant, or, to sell your event and other merchandise at the same time as registering. Peaceful Motivation's Registration feature is integrated with Peaceful Motivation's Shopping and Payment Processing feature.

Peaceful Motivation has five categories of registration products:
  • Simple Events, such as a seminar.
  • Recurring Events, such as a regularly scheduled tour.
  • Races, including triathlons.
  • Training Programs, such as for half marathon training.
  • Activity Programs, such as an educational series.

Registration Features
  • Integrated with the on-line sales and payment feature.
  • Easy creation of registration related products.
  • Registration pages are branded with your logo, business name, and contact information.
  • Register as "Yourself" or as "Someone Else".
  • Register multiple participants at the same time.
  • Register for multiple events at the same time.
  • Register multiple participants and multiple registration products on a single transaction.
  • Support passport registrations, such as a race series, and support selection of passport options and variable pricing based on selected options.
  • Support product pack registrations, such as a family pack.
  • Identify maximum registrations and automatically close the purchase option when reached.
  • Display a waiver that requires a check mark acceptance in order to complete the registration.
  • Display a code of conduct that requires a check mark acceptance in order to complete the registration.
  • Create discount/promotional codes to offer a range of prices to different groups.
  • Ask for an event giveaway, such as a shirt, size selection during registration.
  • Ask for emergency contact information.
  • Ask an event question during registration, and, optionally require an answer.
  • Team registration (create and join teams).
  • Donate additional funds to the event cause.
  • Registration does not require a purchase if you set your price at $0.00 or have a 100% off discount code.
  • For race related registrations, assign bib numbers during registration.
  • Registration reporting tools with numerous reporting options, including demographics.
  • Automatic email of the registration receipt and status to the consumer.
  • Export registration data to third party applications.
Registration Optional Features
  • Integrated with the Race Management feature when the registration is for a race product.
  • Integrated with the Training Program Management feature when the registration is for a training program product.
  • Integrated with the Event and Activity Program Management feature when the registration is for an event or activity program product.
  • Email race, event, training, and activity information to the consumer.
  • Email activity schedules and training or activity plans.
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The race photo is courtesy of Fleet Feet Sports, Santa Cruz and Monterey, a Peaceful Motivation customer.