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Peaceful Motivation's Event and Merchandise Sales Platform Solutions

"Peaceful Motivation® provides more value for your business and event than any other event registration and payment solution. Peaceful-Motivation is the most consumer friendly event registration and sales product available. Our sales and registration features provide more options and flexibility than any other solution. Let us help you simplify your event sales and registrations, enhance your cash flow, and provide a better consumer registration and sales experience."
- Ron and Kathy Franke, Peaceful Motivation's Co-founders
Reduce Your Sales Transaction Costs
Increase Your Cash Flow and Revenue

Peaceful Motivation provides secure and easy to use on-line sales, registration, and product management resources to promote and sell your race entries, training programs, and events, as well as to sell other merchandise, such as event branded products and gear. Our value to you:
  • Our fee structure is designed maximize your cash flow and simplify your costs.
  • Quicker access to your sales funds.
  • Lower your registration cost.
  • Lower your participant's purchase cost.
  • Sell your event branded products along side your event registration sales.
  • A flexible and feature rich registration and payment process.
  • Powerful product management facilities that enable you to define any type of product or service as an item for sale on-line.
  • Information privacy for you and your participants.
  • Business and event focused reporting tools that give you the event, accounting, and business information you need to succeed.
  • Integrated with our racing, fitness, wellness, and training program management facilities.
Sales Transaction Benefits
  • Use your own on-line transaction processing account or use Peaceful Motivation's account
  • Higher cash flow for you with faster funds settlement.
  • In some cases 100% of your funds can be deposited to your merchant account within two business days
  • Low per transaction cost for the on-line transaction payment processor
  • Running Affair's fee is a small percentage of the transaction net cost
  • No processing fees are charged to your customers
  • No monthly service fee to use running affair
  • Available for credit and debit cards
Basic Sales Features
  • Sell your event, race, and training program products on-line
  • Sell event branded merchandise, gear, and other general merchandise.
  • Unlimited number of events
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Sell multiple items, multiple registrations, and multiple event participants with a single transaction
  • Sell event registrations, event apparel, and additional merchandise products
  • Register multiple participants with a single transaction
  • Set a sales limit for a product by identifying a maximum sales/participant count
  • Automatically closes sales for a product with a sales limit when that limit is reached
  • Automatically sends sales and registration confirmation emails
  • Create product discount codes for promotional offerings
  • Create a donation only product
  • Donate an additional amount above the purchase price for charitable events
Sales Display Options
  • Display your branded sales pages on your web site and send links to your sales pages via email
  • Sales pages are branded with your logo, business, and contact information
  • Flexible web-based sales pages let you sell a single item or multiple items, each allowing multiple quantities to be purchased
  • Optionally display product graphics and descriptions on your product sales page
  • Create product sets to sell multiple events and products on your sales page
  • Create product passports to sell a fixed number of events, such as a race series, and allow event choices, such as race distance
  • Create a registration group (e.g. a family pack) to sell a fixed number of your event under a single price
  • Create a sales catalog listing all of your available products
Sales and Purchase Report
  • Report sales summary and detailed information for all sales by product over a specified date range
  • Report sales summary with sales numbers and percentages for associated discount codes
  • Report sales by selected product over a specified date range
  • Report sales by your selected customer, including the ability to search for a customer
  • Sales demographics reporting
  • Sales volume graphing
Registration Report
  • Reports with summary and accounting options
  • Reports displaying assigned numbers (e.g. bib number), participant answers to the event questions, event give away selected sizes (e.g. shirt sizes), and emergency contact information
  • Export registration data with options to export summary participant information, participant email addresses, event answers, and event assigned numbers
  • Registration demographics
Support for Your Customer
  • You can optionally allow your customers to access their purchase history, get purchase receipts, get a list of their registrations, check registration status, and see other participants that they have registered.
  • Place a link to the customer purchase history feature on your web site
  • You can create and manage your customer's user accounts
Integrated Race, Fitness, and Training Management Features
  • Integrated with running affair's race management features
  • Integrated with running affair's training program and activity management features
  • Create your own gated community with running affair's community features
You Own Your Customer Data
  • We do not mine customer data
  • We do not sell or give your customer data to anyone (except credit card transaction data during a sale)
  • We do not display ads
  • We do not send any sales or advertising information to your customers (except the sales receipt as part of a sale)
Peaceful Motivation's Support for You
  • Free phone and email support
  • Regular product releases with updates and new features
  • Automatic access to product updates
  • We seek your suggestions on product improvements and new features
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