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Fitness, Wellness, and Training Programs using the Peaceful Motivation Approach
Peaceful Motivation's Training, Learning, and Skills Building Platform
Achieve Success with a Balanced and Complete Program Focus
Our Platform Value

Our fitness and wellness value is in our resources that organize fitness and wellness activities and information into motivational resources that engage participants to adopt and maintain a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

The primary outcome goal for participants is to instill fitness and wellness habits and skills in order to improve and sustain their overall health, fitness, and performance.

This is achieved through our platform's ability to deliver more effective, comprehensive, and engaging fitness and wellness resources to participant members. And, our platform's resources that give fitness and wellness program providers a better way to be more effective in addressing program management, content, and the long-term fitness and wellness goals an individual participants.

We do this with comprehensive, unified, and balanced approach that addresses fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook, with actions, educational information, and suggestions for each area in every program.
Our Journey Program Approach

Fitness and Wellness Journey programs and apps are designed to address some high level purpose, such as:
  • Specific sports training, such as running
  • General fitness training
  • Age and gender specific fitness and wellness
  • General workforce and healthcare wellness
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Stress management

In order to provide a balanced approach to fitness and wellness, all Journey's contain actions and information in the areas of fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook. This ensures that complementary areas are supported and reinforced which will lead to a higher level of participant success in meeting their fitness and wellness goals. Depending on the purpose, actions and education may be emphasized in one or more areas, but still include actions and education in each area.
A Journey's Focus Emphasizes One or more Areas but Includes Actions in All Areas
Tailoring a Journey Program

Our platform's unique benefit is providing any organization or business the flexibility to create tailored programs that addresses their business or organizational training, learning, and skills building needs.

Our platform gives our business and institutional customers two options:
  1. Use our predefined fitness and wellness programs as an easy to adopt solution
  2. Or, tailor our programs to integrate with their existing programs and content to create an array of tailored situations that meets their needs.

Create, for example, tailored programs for:
  • Fitness training
  • Workforce and healthcare wellness programs
  • Nutrition and weight management programs
  • Stress management programs
  • Specific sports training programs
  • Virtual classroom educational learning
Journey Program Content for Participant Engagement and Success

Programs can be created with a range of options, from fixed actions and milestones to participant choices in their primary target focus, personal goals, health action choices, action commitments, and learning resources.

Our platform includes powerful participant resources contained in the Journey Apps, including motivational features, optional rewards and incentives, community features, surveys, and participant testing. In the future an artificial intelligence capability will make suggestions to participants based on their goals, actions, and achievements.

These platform and participant resources provide more effective and complete programs, simple group management, and better participant engagement to more effectively support an organization's overall fitness and wellness goals for staff and participant's.

Integrated with our sales and registration platform, we provide our business customers the only complete sales-to-program outcome solution on the market. With our sales platform, participants can purchase program focused items, for example: training, fitness, and wellness programs, and events; fitness and wellness merchandise and gear; and Running Affair branded products.

Our participant's benefit is in a more engaging experience, reduces operating costs, provides a new sales channel, and provides the opportunity to increase revenue.

Our Journey Apps are the outward execution of our approach for participants. Our platform advantage is that an App can easily created for a specific context, purpose, and goal.

In the fitness and wellness focus, our Journey Apps are motivational tools to help participants meet their fitness and wellness goals with a more realistic, flexible, and balanced approach that adapts to the busy and changing aspects of their life.

Our unique participant differentiator within the fitness and wellness arena is that our programs address the participant as a "whole person" with the fitness and wellness program approach that is comprehensive, unified, and balanced becoming a complete solution addressing, as a "whole person": fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook.

A major philosophic fitness and wellness differentiator is that our programs interact with and treat participants like adults, who are living in the real world, that have competing obligations and time constraints. Therefore, for a participant to be successful, a program must be flexible, in order to adapt to a participant's schedule and lifestyle. And as adults with competing commitments, participants need to have some control over the program in which they choose to participate; including, options for program focus and goals, action choices, commitments, and schedules. This provides a more realistic approach that gives participants a better chance of staying engaged and meeting their fitness and wellness goals.

Peaceful Motivation's Training, Learning, and Skills Building Platform

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